Fermentations Coolers and Ciders

201 Danforth Ave.
Downtown Toronto
(416) 778-9000

Make your own Ciders and Coolers

Wine and beer aren't the only things you can make at Fermentations.

Nothing is more refreshing than apple cider to cool you down on a hot day. Or how about a natural fruit flavoured wine cooler? Choose from hard lemon, ice, raspberry, black currant, cherry, nectarine, tropical and many more!

Coolers are $109 for 23 litres and our various ciders, each 23 litres as well, are priced as follows:

NEW! CRANBERRY CIDER:  A perfect balance of tart and fruit, delicious aromas, and perfect balance for ultimate refreshment!  Just $115.00

Prince Edward County: Canadian style 5% cider that is round, fruity and delightful. Dry or sweet. $99.00

CrossbowA stronger English style cider, 6% strong, and loaded with flavor.  $104.00

English Rose: A British style cider. 6% with a nice appley crispness. Think Strongbow. $110.00

French Kiss: This Breton style cider is flavoured with cassis, giving it a beautiful pink hue and a delicious nose. $114.00

1066: This 7% Normandy style cider is dry and crisp. The perfect thirst quencher. $114.00

LFP Certified Fresh Pressed Apple Cider Custom pressed to order from a farm on the Niagara Escarpment, this is the ultimate expression of cider so refined it is more like an apple champagne!  $150.00

Late Harvest Apple Wine:  The most perfect dessert style wine imaginable, the fantastic aromas of fresh apples, delicious sweetness, and velvet smooth.  You receive a 4 liter batch, enough to fill 10 375 mL bottles.  You may never want to drink ice wine again!  $99.00