Fermentations Coolers and Ciders

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Make your own Ciders

Nothing is more refreshing than apple cider to cool you down on a hot day.

NEW! Passionfruit cider:  A perfect balance of tart and fruit, delicious aromas, and perfect balance for ultimate refreshment! 5%. Just $115.00

Prince Edward County: Canadian style 5% cider that is round, fruity and delightful. Dry or sweet. $99.00

CrossbowA stronger English style cider, 6% strong, and loaded with flavor.  $104.00

English Rose: A British style cider. 6% with a nice appley crispness. Think Strongbow. $110.00

French Kiss: This Breton style cider is flavoured with cassis, giving it a beautiful pink hue and a delicious nose. $114.00

1066: This 7% Normandy style cider is dry and crisp. The perfect thirst quencher. $114.00

Cidre au Poires: Delicious apples for the backbone, with delicious pear aromatics for a diverse flavour.5%. $104.00

Cranberry Cider: A perfect balance of tart and sweet with a delicious fruit nose. Yummy! 5%. $115.00

Late Harvest Apple Wine:  The most perfect dessert style wine imaginable- the fantastic aromas of fresh apples, delicious sweetness, and velvet smooth.  You receive a 4 liter batch, enough to fill 10 375 mL bottles.  You may never want to drink ice wine again!  $99.00